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International Licensing Expertise

Our licensing team is led by Yoshi Ryujin, a Japanese Patent Attorney and N.Y. State Attorney. He has worked for companies and law firms in Japan and the U.S., and has extensive and thorough experiences in various IP related matters such as IP strategy proposals, drafting and negotiations on various contracts, patent and trademark prosecution and searches, and IP valuation.

Our team members are professionals in every field of intellectual property, and it is organized to assure our clients productive service and quality.


We are ready to offer you a wide range of services regarding trademarks, such as brand/trademark strategy proposals, trademark searches, and trademark application and prosecutions. If you find the difficuly to deal with trademark problems in Japan (it might be due to the complexity of Japanese language), we are able to help you with our substantial knowledge and experience.

Recent News

Jan.25, 2016
Yoshi Ryujin gave a lecture as one of the panelists at Global IP Strategy Forum 2016 hosted by Japan Patent Office, on how to train IP division members to become experts in international IP negotiations. ->Global IP Strategy Forum 2016
Jun., 2015
Yoshi was selected to be appeared on IAM Strategy 300 -The World's Leading IP Strategists 2015.->iam300
Feb., 2015
Yoshi gave a lacture at Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University.
Sept., 2014
Yoshi gave a lecture at a seminar sponsored by AIPPI Japan.
Aug., 2014
Yoshi was selected as a member of one of the committees at Japan Patent Office.
Jul., 2014
Yoshi gave a lacture at Osaka Bar Association.
Jun., 2014
Yoshi gave a lacture at Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN.
Jun., 2014
Yoshi was selected to be appeared on IAM Strategy 300 -The World's Leading IP Strategists 2014.->iam300
May, 2014
RYUJIN Patent & Licensing cosponserd a seminar with Fox Rothschild LLP.
Mar., 2014
RYUJIN Patent & Licensing commences promotion and licensing activity of token-less one-time password authentication technology PassLogic® by Passlogy Co., LTd.
Sept., 2013
RYUJIN Patent & Licensing held a seminar titled "Trademark filing basics and international branding strategy".
Jun., 2013
Yoshi was selected to be appeared on IAM Strategy 300 -The World's Leading IP Strategists 2013.->iam300
Apr., 2013
This year again, Yoshi is teaching at Waseda University for the IP Management for business class.