In the recent years of rapid industrial innovation, technology transfers and alliances between companies both foreign and domestic have become very important and abound. Companies are striving to maximize the value of their IP portfolio and actively licensing or selling their IP rights to boost profitability. For realizing successful technological alliances and transfers, comprehensive analysis and support not only from legal or technical aspects but also from business, financial, or cultural standpoints are vital. Especially, contract negotiation is the key determinant of success or failure of the project, and it requires accurate prescience acquired from past business experience. Ryujin Patent & Licensing is a new type of law firm in Japan, specializing exclusively in IP utilization management. We strongly back up our clients who aim to accelerate development and maximize their IP value through licensing, joint R & D or technological alliance. We will tackle with complicated and difficult cases using our know-how achieved from various experiences of working for companies and law firms in Japan and the U.S. We will energetically push the project forward and at the same time we will always pay attention to various risks and avoid pitfalls. In addition, we will support our clients as a “team” organized by external professionals and IP related companies, for various expert knowledge and network are essential in this IP business field. We have established an LLP with two companies in November 2006, and we also have business alliances with Mizuho Research Institute Ltd., which enables us to realize smooth business matching through vast network of Mizuho Financial Group. We believe that technology transfers and alliances contribute to the innovation and progress in our society. We take it a great privilege and honor to work together with our clients in this field. We are looking forward to working with you, and the members of our firm and group will always be at your service.

Yoshi Ryujin